Friday, July 25, 2014

First Days

Hey everyone! I'm excited finally be able to e-mail everyone.  

Basic Info
Companion: Sister Carnahan
General feeling: Good, excited.
Troubles: Staying awake.
How long it feels I've been here: 2 weeks

Sister Carnahan is my companion. I have a hard time saying her name. But that's weird because of the SCA I should be able to get names that are a little bit different right? Oh well. I think I've got i down now.... maybe. We struggled a little bit in the beginning but I'm taking Mamma's advice, be blunt, upfront, and honest about your issues and you'll get it worked out. Now we  just joke around and have fun and don't really care about the ish. She's a lot of fun. Maybe not the most reverent.... okay, so not reverent at all sometimes. But that's why we love her. We should always have people in our life that make us smile.

I am really happy to me at the MTC and NOT in the field right now. Oh heavens... Teaching these lessons to real investigators would be... Interesting. The lesson we taught today was MUCH better than yesterday though. We actually talked to Jamie and got to know her before we started the lesson. That helped TONS.

I'm getting the set hours of sleep a night but somehow it doesn't seem to be enough. So I just make sure that I sit in the back of classes and stand up when I need to. I hope it gets better when I get out into the field. But you know, this technique seems to be working just fine... for now.

I know this is only my second full day. But it feels like I've been here for two weeks. SUPER glad I unpacked when i came because otherwise it probably wouldn't feel like home (not that it does anyway) and it would add to my subconscious stress level.

Anyways, that's all folks. Until next week!
Sister Martineau

PS I met an Elder Martineau in the MTC and we're related... go figure! We swapped James Henry stories and found that his Great grandfather's name is Leland and mine is Stanley... It's awesome to see so many family names. (Both are sons of Joe Hills). 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Adventure Has Begun!!

Today was MTC Day! It started with a morning spent in the beautiful Bountiful Temple, a quick lunch at a local park (leftovers from Firehouse Pizzeria were amazing) and then a drive by, drop off at the MTC. Wish me luck! I'm officially off on my grand missionary adventure!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Contact Information

Mission Home Address

Ohio Cincinnati Mission
4610 North bend Rd
Cincinnati OH 45211