Monday, February 23, 2015

Fun, fun pictures

The day of the BIG SNOW. This lasted for HOURS. 

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Crotcheting a warmer hat...cause I don't like to be cold. 

I guess this is a LITTLE better than a door slam...

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*Sigh* This week has been a mess. A MESS I tell you! It was the second to last week of the transfer and by golly it was HORRIBLE. Snow. Canceled appointment. sliding everywhere, having members come out to see us, see our Muslim investigator grasp gospel topics, knowing the spirit of Elijah is strong, and just down right doing the work. Yup. It's been a week.

The snow
Family History

So last Saturday it dumped 6-10 inches of snow on us. Yup. It was a Utah snow day. Of course the schools were out (they had been out all week because the buses wouldn't start in the cold) and everyone was having fun. Staying inside, building snowmen, drinking hot cocoa...Well. Not us. Missionaries don't have time for that nonsense! We went out and worked! We saw all the people we haven't seen in a while, because we knew they'd be home. And had AMAZING lessons! And even better, we only slid like....twice?

On the day of the BIG SNOW, we went to the family history center at the church with Lois (Nonmenber sister of a recent convert that we visit weekly). It was AMAZING. Not only did I find out that someone has been doing work on the Martineau line (I can now trace it back to when we immigrated to the US but I can see a lot of thw ork has already been done!) But that's not all! Lois was able to find her Great Grandmother and find information about her that she never knew, and have the tools to be able to get into Family Search and Ancestry all on her own. Sister Svedin (Family History Consultant) also was really excited about what they were able to find and ask us to set up a time we could do it again at Lois's house. Success? I think YES!

Diya is flat out amazing. We've been working with him this transfer and the growth is just outstanding. He's from Joran, Muslim, and has the thickest accent I've ever heard. Besides maybe the man in Ireland...All I could understand that he said was "push button stuff." Diya's mot that bad. But like I said the growth is amazing. He's grasping concepts, knows that reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church are going to give him the answers he's looking for and knows, and understands, the Plan of Salvation. He even taught it to us with the cards afterwards. He's excited to learn and is really looking for it. I've never seen anyone change so much as he is because of the gospel. And it's just making me wonder, if this change is happening in him, what's happening in me? Or any of us really, as we come closer to Christ, act on what we know to be true, all we can do is change. Because that's what the plan is really all about.

We ate dinner at a Member's home. Now, I've been to the Howard's before, AND seen their birds. But never have I held one of them. Last night was my chance. I got to hold Tulley. "Big Cheesy Grin"

It ALMOST makes me want to get one to take t events with me...

I hope everyone is having a great week! Enjoy the warm weather out in Utah, or the Cold in Alaska, or the frigid in the East! And remember, I love you, Heavenly Father loves you, and Satan hates your face!

~Sister Martineau

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hey it's cold outside!

So everyone is telling us that we're crazy for driving around today! And guess what, we kinda are. But for Utah Natives, it's not big deal. You know, we've only swiveled twice and feared for our lives once. But hey, we're going slow, and driving as safe as we can! I hope everyone back home is enjoying their nice weather, fighting outside, going for long walks, and enjoying the sun!

Will it fit?
President Porter Quote
Freedom Center

So we had a bag of garbage in the car that we were trying to throw away. The only garbage can we could find was one of those small ones outside stores/places of business where it's really only meant to throw cigarette buds and empty fast food cups. Not a grocery bag full of paper/random things I find and pick up. So long story short, Sis C was rolling on the ground laughing because I couldn't figure out a way to toss the silly thing. Eventually I got smart, lifted off the top, and set it in.

President Porter shared a quote this week. He said, "Marriage is a head long collision between two dis-functional families." It made me laugh. One day I'll have to worry more about it but for right now, I just have to learn how to get along with companions. :D

Here in Cincinnati we have a Freedom Center. It's all about the Underground Railroad and how devastating it was. I think I would have loved to go there on a normal, non missionary vacation. But as a Missionary it was dark. I liked it, don't get me wrong but it had a dark serious tone to it. It's something I'm not used to. But if anyone comes to Ohio, I strongly recommend it. Just make sure, if you take children, that they'll be old enough to understand it.

As for our goals this week, we're behind. But that alright. It's only 6 lessons and we can make that up easy. I'm a day behind on my Book of Mormon reading so I can finish it this transfer but that's what Preparation day is for right? We're going to do great and see lots of grace this week I just know it.

I hope everything is going great with everyone else! When you think your life is challenging just think of two sister missionaries in the cold with 5 layers on :D. That should cheer you up!

~Sister Martineau

Monday, February 9, 2015

Big Things Ahead

The more I'm out on my mission the more I see the world. Not that I didn't see it before. Being in the SCA has kinda showed me a lot of the world that burst my sheltered Utah Mormon bubble. But this is different. It's giving me an intimate view of the world. As we go in and teach people and get to know them and the real struggles of life. It just makes me happy that I'm making good choices. And I know that going on a mission, even though it's hard. Is the best choice I have ever made. Not just because it's bringing me close to a god that loves me more than I could ever love him. But because I'm learning how to love others as he would. AND TRUST ME. It's hard when you get told no 10 times. Sometimes I wish I could just tell everyone, "If you just prayed you'd feel better! If it works for the Heathen it'll work for you!" But of course everyone is too busy, lonely, or bitter to try. Oh well. I guess we can't all have joy.

As for this week. WOW what a week. For those who are counting/care about where we are with our 180 goal. We are at 87, only three behind. Which isn't bad considering that we had one day that we were not in our area and another that we had a meeting until 5:00. When I look back and think about what we've done and how we've done it. All I can say is that it's been nothing short of a miracle. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. This IS the lord's work.

And now I have to apologize for the lack of pictures this transfer. We've been so busy that we just haven't had any time. Don't worry, we are stopping to smell the roses. Just not take pictures. I don't think I even pulled out my camera this transfer...That's a problem. Sis C is my favorite and I won't have any documentation that we were companions...I'm going to fix that. Expect pictures next week.

Right now I'm looking towards the future. Not loosing focus. I can't do that or we won't hit our goal. But the future is going to be grand. I just know it. It'll take work (a lot of those) and tears (hopefully not too many in public). But it'll be worth it. What I'm going to be most excited about is being able to to to the temple. If you haven't been in a while go. If you can't go, I high recommend it. But that's up to you.

I hope everything back home is going great! I'm super excited to hear all the stories and events that happen in the next year. Life will be different when I go home. New things to reach for and lots of fun to be had. I'm just glad I gots some awesome people in my life.

~ Sister Martineau

PS. Mama found this picture on facebook so added it to this blog so you could all see me and cuz she thought my photobomb was adorable. Who uses that word anymore anyway? :)

Monday, February 2, 2015


This week has been insane. I mentioned last week that we wanted to teach 180 lessons and we are right on track for week 2 at 60 lessons. But I do have to say that it hurts my brain. I don't think I've ever worked this hard in my life without having little breaks in between to just sit and relax. But hey, when you can't do it the lord makes up for the rest right?

This is the greatest work that I have ever been a part of and I love every second of it. Really I do. But beyond that I can't say much about this week because it has been a blurr...

Funny for the Week:

ALL transfer Sis C has been giving me a hard time about having a loud knock. She calls it my FBI knock and says that one day I'll make someone think that we're after them or something. Well...that must have been prophetic because it was true.

We went to see one of our investigators and I knocked on the door. No answer. Sis C knocked agian. No answer. So we knocked one more time for the Spirit and still no answer. The light flickered on as we turned around and tried their neighbor (this was in an apartment complex so the door was right behind us).

No answer from the neighbor either so we walked out and started texting people to find a place to go. Sis C looked behind us and saw a boy walking through the cards towards where we just were. "Is that Sam?" she asked.

I looked behind us and replied. "It looks like him."

So we went back to talk to him. Sam was awkwardly standing outside of his door. Bare foot, shortsleeved, and in pajama pants. (Very undressed for the slightly snowy weather) He looked flustered as he came up to us and started rambling. Something about thinking we were after him, backing up a friend on the internet, the military, and how people were making threats. I also caught the fact that his school didn't want him there because it was "too dangerous."

The only full sentence that I remember is, "I looked out after I heard the knock and I couldn't see anything so I know it was bad. And I just ran out the window."

Sis C and I are still laughing about the experience. Moral of the story is, don't  use an FBI knock when they won't be able to see it's just two cute sister missionaries.

Sister Martineau