Monday, December 29, 2014

Sugar Coma

First of all I would like to thank everyone and your dogs who sent me something for christmas. Everyone says that the Christmas in the field is the best. But I think that it's because it's the one time a year everyone gets flooded with mail and best wishes from home on top of all the love the members give you. But the one thing I don't miss is cleaning up after christmas...

I also figured that I should let everyone know that I think I'm set as far as candy goes for the rest of my mission...

And Now for the pictures of lisens plates/bumber sticker...I've been collecting them for a while and now I'm going to shar them! (PS Ohio is in the bible best so...)

I Love all of you lots and hope you know it. I read today that Love is the greatest commandment so I'm trying hard to love everyone. Not very easy but hey, exact obidience brings blessings. Every time. 

Love Sister Martineau

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to All! Hope all of your decorations are up. I know we had lots of fun decorating: I know we did! PS are smurfs green or Ogres? Either way I'm turning into something...

Every where I go it seems like something Christmasy is going on. I mean, we've got a tree, ornaments, a nativity, presents....what else do we need?

And the scenery that is going on this time of year....

And the things people are sending out to others for Christmas...I guess someone has a good sense of humor. 

And you know...the world really is beautiful. Everywhere you look it's just amazing.

I hope all of you have a good Christmas. I know I will. Sis A is SOOO trunky it's ridiculous by hey, that comes with the season right? Remember the reason for the season. Watch He is the Gift. Share the gift. HE is the Gift.

Love Sister Martineau

Monday, December 15, 2014

Made it!!

So you know when you have a ward right next door to your? Yeah...the Westchester and Montgomery wards are neighbors. Our boundary line is one that I used to drive all the time! Not too far away from home I guess.

My address
The Work
Mission Recipe

First things first!! If you didn't know by my last email I got transferred. And with the holiday season coming up I would hate for packages to go to a missionary apartment that no longer exists!

My Addy 5641 Sterling Lakes Cr #103
                 Mason OH 45040

My new Companioni is Sister Ashcraft. And I'm "killing her off" too! Yup. This is her last transfer. She's handling it a bit differently than Sister Smith. But that's okay. Everyone is different right? We're getting along really well. And I'm learning a lot about patience.

The work here is different. There isn't a lot of investigators. Actually, we only have 2. All the less actives either don't want to see us or are starting to come back to the church and the member LOVE us. COMPLETELY different from Montgomery. But it's a good different. You know how good it feels when you don't have a place to go and It's 8:00 at night and all you want to do is go home. Well, the member love it when we stop in! NO MORE PRAYING FOR HOLY HALF MIRACLES!

Part of our area is corn fields and cattle farms...the other part is fancy 3000 sqft homes...Quite the contrast if you ask me.

Also sleep. Sleep is really important and right now my body just wants more and more of it. It's like a little kid and candy. Only not quite as tameable. Oh well. I'm going to be blessed for the work I'm doing right?

I can officially say that I have a recipe from my mission. A member gave us a recipe for eggs on toast. Pretty much amazing. Not something I'll have every day, and not something to be had with orange juice, but it's yummy.

Sister Martineau

Monday, December 8, 2014


I'm getting the boot! New area, new people to see, new address. I'll let you all know the updates when I figure it all out.


Things I'm going to miss about Montgomery...

Matthew 25.

We check paint to make sure it is good and then pour it into big drums.

LOVE this girly. Arin is the head of the paint Department and we are her favorites. And she's ours too.

Going out with Bradi! She's amazing. Lots of fun and keep your fingers crossed that she gets her mission call soon! Legally blind but that doesn't get her down!

And visiting Sister Prince. She's like my grandma...I love talking with her and singing Christmas songs!

I'm excited about all the new adventures that I'm going to be having and can't wait to see what's going to happen tomorrow.

Sister Martineau

Monday, December 1, 2014

Turkey Week!!

Whoa what a week! it was lots of funs! We got fed at Sister Wernke's house. She's pretty much amazing and has a family just about as crazy as the Martineau's...I didn't know that was possible. But it was lots of fun!

Anyways, are you ready all? Here's my picture filled email!

Jesus Loves You!
Thrifting Adventure
Sketchy Chinese
Skyline Chili!
Drive Through Investigator Finding!

When we were on our way into a thrift store we found this...

And when four Sister Missionaries sees something awesome, we can't help but take a selfie.
Displaying IMG_4471.JPG

And we all know that when you go thrifting you find something AMAZING. This time we found a kilt.

Displaying IMG_0641[1].JPG

And Sister Abrams lost 30 pounds on the Missionary Diet!
Displaying IMG_0643[1].JPG

We also found a hole in the wall Chinese Place called Little Shanghai. It was good and none of us got sick because Sister Abrams asked for us not to get sick from it in the blessing.

Displaying IMG_4461.JPG

And I had Skyline for the first time! IT was REALLY good. Sorry Cincinnati's stereotype of westerner's...I like Skyline.
Displaying IMG_4473.JPG

We were going to a less when it feel through our member Sister decided that we couldn't go into the liquor store, but she could. And since she was our ride...we we were along for the ride.

Displaying IMG_0656[1].JPG

I hope all of you has some fun as a week as I did! If not you should try harder. Fun is out there it's time to start having some.

Love Sister Martineau!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Well....that just happened

So this week is Thanks Giving. Yeah we don't know what we're going to do yet. We have two dinner invites and everyone is just assuming that we're taken care of... Sad Sister Marty really doesn't want to go out and work on Thursday. But I might have to. And I might find a family to teach. And they might find the joy that the gospel brings families. Yeah I guess going out and working while everyone else is feasting wouldn't be too bad of an idea... Right?

In other news, I'm not sick, I'm sleeping well, staying warm, finding new people to teach and getting less actives to church. So the world isn't ending. Nor is it slowing down. It's just getting a little more frustrating. With Sister S going home in two weeks it's making me think about the end of my mission. Yeah. It's kinda unreal that my mission will end one day. AND I don't want a new companion. I love Sister S and wish she could stay around a bit longer.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I forgot my camera this week. So expect lots of pictures next week. Or maybe not. I Might not gather a lot between then and now.

Love Sister Martineau

Monday, November 17, 2014


I looked out the window and what did I see
Little snow flurries going through the trees
The winter has brought me such a bad surprise
Cause missionaries can't stay inside.
Wish I could be warm and read a book
But the work is fun and really cold
Wish it wasn't so
But it's really cold
Little snow flurries going through the trees

Yup folks, it's true. It's snowing but Guess what! It just makes it super pretty outside! Oh you want proof of it? Here's some proof.

Displaying IMG_0634[1].JPG

The birds are having a hay day and I had lots of fun trying to get pictures of them. This is the only one that turned out good... But that's alright. 

This was the picture I took yesterday... So stark difference right? I just love how it looks all warm and fuzzy outside when it was really just 24-36 degrees outside... Yeah we're freezing over here in Ohio. I kinda envy those missions that are warm all year around. But at the same time. They probably don't have as awesome people/missionaries/mission presidents/mission Yeah... I am a little biased. 

Displaying IMG_0630[1].JPG

Alright Yall, I hope you have a good week because you deserve one! Everything here is going great! Despite  what my e-mails say I am working hard and we're hopping to two investigators will want to be baptized soon! I'm super happy that more people are finding the happiness that the gospel brings people. 

Sister Martineau

Monday, November 10, 2014

What a week!

Well... there's been a lot that's happened and long story short, people are stupid. Missionaries, Investigators, General world population. We're all just a little stupid sometimes. Even myself... especially myself. Now all, before you get down on yourself or pity me let me tell you something. If we weren't all a little stupid, crazy, idiotic, or outright weird coming up with ideas from who knows were then the world would be a boring place wouldn't it? See my point? Do you want me to shove it in your face a little more? No? Didn't think so. So go out and smile at all the little stupid things that happen and that others do. It's really quite comical if you think about it.

I know more then you do!
Ain't we cute?
I got a bunny!
Christmas in November?

So on exchanges we met this guy. He was happy to talk to us and we were excited because no one had wanted to talk to us all morning. So we start talking and then all of sudden he says, "You know, I know more about your religion then you do." And we looked at him funny. Go goes on to explain he use to live right across from a church building in AZ and had read everything he could find about our doctrine. But what he found was Joseph Smith was a story teller... and something more then an elementary school education... He looked through a hat with two stones... Not a breastplate with stones fastened to it... Oh and he wrote the book of Mormon and we were completely clue less... 
Sorry dude, you're information is wrong. You've been antied and refuse to know the truth so I guess we all know where you're going. It's really is sad when people act like that. Because we know we've all already been saved. Christ's atonement took care of that. WE ARE SAVED! If I could get that through every born again christian's mind I would. You don't even need to accept Christ as your savior to be saved. Why? Well, it's because we're all promised resection. But, it is up to you how long you stay in God's presence and how comfortable you will be there. (for more information search His Grace is Sufficient on

We went and got the car looked at. The guy was super nice and even took us into the shop to see what was wrong. SUPER cool. We were required to wear safety glasses and you can't do something awesome as a missionary without taking a picture right?

Displaying IMG_0592.JPG

Oh! AND I got to hold a bunny!

It's Christmas! Yesterday we opened the door to go out and I had two packages waiting for me will all sorts of amazing stuff in them! Like warm socks, a scarf, hat, gloves, and reusable hand warmers (we tried them out they're amazing). I'm a little less worried about freezing this winter. All the others missionaries who survived last winter are laughing at me saying it's not cold yet. BUT I DON'T CARE!

And just another picture to make you all smile! Just kidding. It's just a mustang call Pea Soup.

Monday, November 3, 2014


I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Smith, she is 23 years old, on the last transfer (6 weeks) of her mission and is super happy to be alive an well here in Montgomery!

This week has been crazy. Over half the mission got transferred so we were backed up half way into the gym.  Tis the season for fasting, praying, and receiving miracles! 

I honestly haven't been keeping good track of the events that have transpired in the past week. All I can say is thank heavens transfers happened. People have been telling me that I seem happier and different. Well... I think it's because I'm no longer getting blamed for everything and the dog... Sister Smith and I will do great. We've both had hard companions and made a pact to be VERY open with each other. It's pretty great. 

OH! Sister Smith is Gluten Free. So she's going to teach me how to eat healthy. Like... cutting down on all the sugar/breads that I so dearly love... Granted. Eggs in the morning are the best thing ever. And hot chocolate... with real milk. Not the silly almond stuff... *sigh* I am just happy can you tell?

Love Sister Martineau

Monday, October 27, 2014


Hey all, I made it another transfer! I'm staying in Montgomery and getting a new companion! Super excited and nervous. I'm super happy that I'm not leaving though. I've got a less active that I want to see return to activity and two investigators that I want to continue to teach. It's going to be hard to re-adjust with a new companion but it'll be worth it.
So... I don't have much to say this week besides the fact that we almost ran over a raccoon this morning. The silly thing was almost off the road and apparently our headlights were really attractive and he ran head long towards us. Yeah we came to a dead stop hyperventilating and laughing for about 5 minutes. Good thing no one was behind us.
In light of the fact that I don't have much to say... here are some pictures

Displaying IMG_0553[1].JPG

Displaying IMG_0546[1].JPG

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

Not again!

Do you ever have those moments when you don't think things will get better and you wish you could run away from a situation/time/place but you're stuck there? Like waist deep in quicksand stuck? Yeah. That's been me this week. No one to teach, struggling in our companionship, and feeling absolutely alone. Good news though, the poison ivy is healing up nicely. It's super nice to no longer be itchy everywhere. AND it's a testament to the power of the priesthood. I was super miserable and grumpy because I was itchy everywhere and Sis R would yell at me whenever I would scratch it. But since I got a blessing it hasn't itched at all! If you haven't gotten a blessing recently, do it. They're amazing and it'll be like a pep-talk from God. Who doesn't want that right?

Carving pumpkins
Learning of Him

Today for District fun Day we carved pumpkins! And roasted marshmallows and hot dogs. I felt kinda apostate (The missionary term for doing non missionary like things, or feeling like you're not a missionary). It made me miss going to events/family reunions. Lots of memories wrapped up into just one simple act. But it was still lots of fun. The Elders would feed the ducks to try and get them closer then turn on the  go-pro and chase them away. Indiana Jones style, without the umbrella. I was rolling with laughter by the time they got bored.
My pumpkin was amazing! I didn't keep it because we don't have a place to put it at our apartment! But I gots mes somes pictures. So I'm alright! 

Displaying IMG_0497[1].JPG

aint he cute?

So recently I've been doing this thing. It's kinda on the religious side, that's the only disclaimer that you're getting okay? Okay :D 

Recently, to one up my gratitude journal I've started to write down who I am because of Christ and his atonement. It comes from my studies, promises in me patriarchal blessing, and other blessings I've received. Examples that I've written are...

Displaying IMG_0499[1].JPG

am blessed                                am understood
am loved                                    am saved
have hope                                  can return
am not forgotten                         can be strong

That's just a few of the ones I've written down. So, friends, family, and others who stumble upon this blog. This is my challenge to you. Who are you because of Jesus Christ? He suffered all for you, how has that impacted your life? Write it down, put it in a safe place, and when you're down, upset, angry or have any unwanted feelings pull it out. It helps. I promise that if you do this you will see it affect your day in a positive way. I know this because it makes me happy just thinking about it.

I hope you all have a great week! Just keep looking up and remember that Heavenly Father is smiling down :D

Love, Sister Martineau

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Building Zion

Alright everyone I have something that I ablosutly just have to say. It's not that I love all of you, even though it's true. It's not that I'm homesick even though I am. It's not that trials are hard because they just are. It's about this myth that we are not worthy to do anything. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! The only thing you have to fear is the judgement seat so don't be affraid to talk to people and stick up for yourself. God will bless you for it. Eternal Salvation is NEVER too small of a reward to live a life that'll get you there. WE ARE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF A LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER for crying out loud. It's time we start realizeing our devine potential and living the life he intended us to live.
Some of you reading this may be going "Sister Martineau, you're beeing a little blunt." But only bluntness can inforce this point. When we realize our devine potential, that we are made to become like Him, is when we start to live as He lived, walk as He walked, and say what He would have us say.
Ways that we can do this is... PRIMARY ANSWERS! Read your scriptures, pray morning and night, fast regularly. Alma 17:3 promises us that when we do these things we will have the spirit with us. We will be able to open our mouths and proclaim the gospel to those we come in contact with. It doesn't matter if they're a member of our church or not. Sometimes we forget in our excitment for missionary work that EVERYONE need to increase their faith. When we forget to build up those in the church we forget that we need to build Zion.
*End Rant*
The Noisy Cricket
We can't get out?
Drag race?
Sister's conference
At our Zone Meeting (kinda like a kingdom event in the SCA) there was a cricket that got into the baptizimal font. And since we meet in the same room and the font and it echos it was REALLY distracting. So Elder Barnett (Zone leader) goes into the font, with the acordian doors covering it still closed, and attemtps to find it. We heard stomping, screaming, smacking and all sorts of noises and then he comes out with a disspaointed look. "I didn't find it."
We went out to visit less actives with Sister Rollins (Relief Society President) and we all opened the doors, then decided to say a prayer. So we closed them and said our prayer to help us have the spirit with us. Well, what we didn't know/realize is that Sister Rollins had locked the doors with her key fob so when we opened the doors again the car alarm went of in and ALREADY sketch neighborhood. It took us about 3 minutes to figure out how to turn it off and I was rolling with laughter by the end of it.
So... sad news. I gots the poisen Ivy. Yup the huge red, boily sores all over my arms and leg. It itches, it stings, and spreads. BUT there's good news from this all! My prayer was anwered and I've gotten some AMAZING medicin/soap/whatever that's getting rid of it. IT HASN'T ITCHED AT ALL TODAY! And Sis R says it's getting better. SO THAT'S GOOD NEWS! And you know, I was given this trial because I needed to be humbled. And it worked. So that's all for my afliction.
So um... Yeah. We were at a red lights and the other sisters in the ward were right beside us. Windows rolled down, taunts thrown out, light turned green. Needless to say Sis R was driving and she LOVES that our car has Turbo... It was fun. I just get really carsick in the car sometimes.
We had a Sister's Confernece yesterday where we learned about our divine roll as women. We also learned about the presidence in the creation. (Whatever was created last is over what presided it.) It was amazing. I highly suggest everyone suddies the creation/goes to the temple. A LOT. At least every day. There's so much you can learn and yesterday I realized that I know nothing. PS, how can you believe in the bible, which clearly states that animals and man were created on different days, and believe that humans came from apes?
This week has been amazing. Sis R says she's seen a 100% difference in me from when I came out. Well, I'm not surpised. I was trapped in the cage of bitterness and pitty when I came out. But now I feel like I can fly. Well... I feel like I should be able to fly but my wings are clipped or something. I'm still working out what's keeping me out of the air but I know that as I serve dilligently and have meaningful studdies and prayers I will fly. My mission is the time when I get to walk with God and do my part in the hastening to further His work. And I challange all of you to find what your part of the hastening is. I know that when you do this you will find increased faith, hope and joy. You will see your families become closer together, and as one, we can march on untied with His banner flying high.
Love, Sister Martineau

Monday, October 6, 2014

Another week in the life of a missionary!

It's getting COLD out here in Ohio. Every time I look at the temperature, bundled up in my coat, scarf, leggings, boots and it's only 50-60 degrees out my heart breaks. But them I remind myself that a wet cold is worse then a dry cold. 

I have to admit that I forgot my journal this week AND my camera so Sorry it's not a long e-mail and you don't get to hear about everything that's going on. But now you all know, Without writing down what happened every day I literally wouldn't know if my head was still attached to my shoulders.

That's all folks!
Sister Martineau

Monday, September 29, 2014

What a week!

Oh heavens... sometimes I wish that I could just smack people over the head or shake them and tell them that what they're feeling is true! We have the restored gospel, one passage that you just found in the bible can't disprove the Book of Mormon. Sorry... it's stood for 200+ yearsish and can't be disprove. You and all your bible study isn't going to do it either. Oh and Sorry, But the difference between you and me is you think you're right and I know I am. Because I have received this divine witness I am putting me ENTIRE life on hold for 18 months to bring this message to you. So just listen. Okay?
Missionary Extension Cord
Marriage advice from Members
Alcohol isn't an appropriate Missionary beverage
"We're going to church!"
So when you're out of option and REALLY need to show your less active member you improvise. Sister R. and I wanted to watch Finding Faith in Christ with our less active neighbor and her dvd player didn't work. But that was just fine because we had brought our little portable one! But then she didn't have an outlet anywhere near her table so we had a problem. Then we remembered that we had a string of Christmas lights. Yes, your suspicions are correct. We use the string of Christmas lights as an extension cord. And it's worked so well we've been using it in our apartment!
One day, while we were out to dinner/teaching with members we all A LOT of marriage advice. But I only remember at little bit. This is what I remember. 
We must only marry those we Trust, Respect, and Admire. The trust and respect need to be earned and you need to find what you admire in them every day. AND if you, even for one second, even 10 minutes before you get married feel like you shouldn't get married, DON'T. I really liked it :D
We were helping clean a member's home so they could move in and the owner asked us what we'd like to drink. "You can have anything you want... except that. That's not missionary appropriate." He was referring to Alcohol (in case you didn't catch it) and I just about fell onto the floor laughing. Good think I was already sitting down.
We did service for a Member, Sister Wong, and pulled leaves off of her barn! It was so much fun. When they wouldn't come down we swung on them until they broke. The other sisters say that I got the highest but it's only because I brought my knees up real high.

​But besides all of that fun, I think the best part of this week was pulling up to our investigator's house 30 minutes before church and she's waiting outside for us. Her name is Myeisha, she's 10 years old, and loved church! I'm super excited that it worked out so she could come!
Alright all, time to get serious. Yes you can write me. Yes you can send me pictures (in fact please do!) And yes I love to hear from EVERYONE. Alright now that we've got all that cleared up
Sister Martineau

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Displaying IMG_1308[1].JPG

Displaying IMG_1343[1].JPG

Monday, September 22, 2014

Just keep swimming

Blech... And thus started the time of knee pain, wrists freaking out, persisting migraines, and a companion that's constantly worried that you're mad at her. But really, it's not all that bad. Just the normal stuff that I'm use to. Nothing I can't handle :D We've got a supper supportive Mission President's Wife who's taking steps for me to be taken care of. As for the work, we keep plugging on. We don't have a teaching pool, we find about 5 people to teach every week and we walk everywhere to feel productive so it all works out!

Crunchy Leaves!
My name is Kaitlyn... er... Sister Martineau

A less active that we've been working with who has been hording for four ish years is finally having a yard sale! We've been helping her clear out her house, organize, and work at the yard sale. I think my favorite part of it all is that I get to wear PANTS!!! I can't tell you how good it feels to wear pants. I think it's something I definitely took for granted before my mission.

The leaves are starting to turn colors... which means leaves are falling... which means there are leaves on the ground... which means that there are crunchy leaves to jump on! I guess when we can't find anything good in our lives, we start to look for the simple things. And right now, crunchy leaves is a simple thing. It's the simple things that make us all happy, bring us joy and make us smile. Others might not see the point in finding joy in the simple things, but when you have a naturally pessimistic personality, finding joy is all that makes you happy.

During planning one day Sister Ryan and I decided to call everyone we didn't know in our phone. I was leaving a voicemail saying, "Hello, this is Kailt- I mean Sister Martineau from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints..." And it just want down hill from there. Oh heavens Sister Ryan was dying on the other side of the room and I hung up and joined her. It was a good laugh for the rest of the day.

A less active invited us over for smores! I loved it! He had his former home teacher over with all the kids and we talked, made smores and everyone chatted about the BYU game. (it all went over my head) But it was lots of fun. I wish we had more activities like that... But what can you do?

Sorry this week it's a little short... I guess I don't have all that much to say. But here's some pictures to brighten your day!

Love, Sister Martineau