Monday, December 29, 2014

Sugar Coma

First of all I would like to thank everyone and your dogs who sent me something for christmas. Everyone says that the Christmas in the field is the best. But I think that it's because it's the one time a year everyone gets flooded with mail and best wishes from home on top of all the love the members give you. But the one thing I don't miss is cleaning up after christmas...

I also figured that I should let everyone know that I think I'm set as far as candy goes for the rest of my mission...

And Now for the pictures of lisens plates/bumber sticker...I've been collecting them for a while and now I'm going to shar them! (PS Ohio is in the bible best so...)

I Love all of you lots and hope you know it. I read today that Love is the greatest commandment so I'm trying hard to love everyone. Not very easy but hey, exact obidience brings blessings. Every time. 

Love Sister Martineau

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