Monday, November 24, 2014

Well....that just happened

So this week is Thanks Giving. Yeah we don't know what we're going to do yet. We have two dinner invites and everyone is just assuming that we're taken care of... Sad Sister Marty really doesn't want to go out and work on Thursday. But I might have to. And I might find a family to teach. And they might find the joy that the gospel brings families. Yeah I guess going out and working while everyone else is feasting wouldn't be too bad of an idea... Right?

In other news, I'm not sick, I'm sleeping well, staying warm, finding new people to teach and getting less actives to church. So the world isn't ending. Nor is it slowing down. It's just getting a little more frustrating. With Sister S going home in two weeks it's making me think about the end of my mission. Yeah. It's kinda unreal that my mission will end one day. AND I don't want a new companion. I love Sister S and wish she could stay around a bit longer.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I forgot my camera this week. So expect lots of pictures next week. Or maybe not. I Might not gather a lot between then and now.

Love Sister Martineau

Monday, November 17, 2014


I looked out the window and what did I see
Little snow flurries going through the trees
The winter has brought me such a bad surprise
Cause missionaries can't stay inside.
Wish I could be warm and read a book
But the work is fun and really cold
Wish it wasn't so
But it's really cold
Little snow flurries going through the trees

Yup folks, it's true. It's snowing but Guess what! It just makes it super pretty outside! Oh you want proof of it? Here's some proof.

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The birds are having a hay day and I had lots of fun trying to get pictures of them. This is the only one that turned out good... But that's alright. 

This was the picture I took yesterday... So stark difference right? I just love how it looks all warm and fuzzy outside when it was really just 24-36 degrees outside... Yeah we're freezing over here in Ohio. I kinda envy those missions that are warm all year around. But at the same time. They probably don't have as awesome people/missionaries/mission presidents/mission Yeah... I am a little biased. 

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Alright Yall, I hope you have a good week because you deserve one! Everything here is going great! Despite  what my e-mails say I am working hard and we're hopping to two investigators will want to be baptized soon! I'm super happy that more people are finding the happiness that the gospel brings people. 

Sister Martineau

Monday, November 10, 2014

What a week!

Well... there's been a lot that's happened and long story short, people are stupid. Missionaries, Investigators, General world population. We're all just a little stupid sometimes. Even myself... especially myself. Now all, before you get down on yourself or pity me let me tell you something. If we weren't all a little stupid, crazy, idiotic, or outright weird coming up with ideas from who knows were then the world would be a boring place wouldn't it? See my point? Do you want me to shove it in your face a little more? No? Didn't think so. So go out and smile at all the little stupid things that happen and that others do. It's really quite comical if you think about it.

I know more then you do!
Ain't we cute?
I got a bunny!
Christmas in November?

So on exchanges we met this guy. He was happy to talk to us and we were excited because no one had wanted to talk to us all morning. So we start talking and then all of sudden he says, "You know, I know more about your religion then you do." And we looked at him funny. Go goes on to explain he use to live right across from a church building in AZ and had read everything he could find about our doctrine. But what he found was Joseph Smith was a story teller... and something more then an elementary school education... He looked through a hat with two stones... Not a breastplate with stones fastened to it... Oh and he wrote the book of Mormon and we were completely clue less... 
Sorry dude, you're information is wrong. You've been antied and refuse to know the truth so I guess we all know where you're going. It's really is sad when people act like that. Because we know we've all already been saved. Christ's atonement took care of that. WE ARE SAVED! If I could get that through every born again christian's mind I would. You don't even need to accept Christ as your savior to be saved. Why? Well, it's because we're all promised resection. But, it is up to you how long you stay in God's presence and how comfortable you will be there. (for more information search His Grace is Sufficient on

We went and got the car looked at. The guy was super nice and even took us into the shop to see what was wrong. SUPER cool. We were required to wear safety glasses and you can't do something awesome as a missionary without taking a picture right?

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Oh! AND I got to hold a bunny!

It's Christmas! Yesterday we opened the door to go out and I had two packages waiting for me will all sorts of amazing stuff in them! Like warm socks, a scarf, hat, gloves, and reusable hand warmers (we tried them out they're amazing). I'm a little less worried about freezing this winter. All the others missionaries who survived last winter are laughing at me saying it's not cold yet. BUT I DON'T CARE!

And just another picture to make you all smile! Just kidding. It's just a mustang call Pea Soup.

Monday, November 3, 2014


I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Smith, she is 23 years old, on the last transfer (6 weeks) of her mission and is super happy to be alive an well here in Montgomery!

This week has been crazy. Over half the mission got transferred so we were backed up half way into the gym.  Tis the season for fasting, praying, and receiving miracles! 

I honestly haven't been keeping good track of the events that have transpired in the past week. All I can say is thank heavens transfers happened. People have been telling me that I seem happier and different. Well... I think it's because I'm no longer getting blamed for everything and the dog... Sister Smith and I will do great. We've both had hard companions and made a pact to be VERY open with each other. It's pretty great. 

OH! Sister Smith is Gluten Free. So she's going to teach me how to eat healthy. Like... cutting down on all the sugar/breads that I so dearly love... Granted. Eggs in the morning are the best thing ever. And hot chocolate... with real milk. Not the silly almond stuff... *sigh* I am just happy can you tell?

Love Sister Martineau