Monday, November 3, 2014


I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Smith, she is 23 years old, on the last transfer (6 weeks) of her mission and is super happy to be alive an well here in Montgomery!

This week has been crazy. Over half the mission got transferred so we were backed up half way into the gym.  Tis the season for fasting, praying, and receiving miracles! 

I honestly haven't been keeping good track of the events that have transpired in the past week. All I can say is thank heavens transfers happened. People have been telling me that I seem happier and different. Well... I think it's because I'm no longer getting blamed for everything and the dog... Sister Smith and I will do great. We've both had hard companions and made a pact to be VERY open with each other. It's pretty great. 

OH! Sister Smith is Gluten Free. So she's going to teach me how to eat healthy. Like... cutting down on all the sugar/breads that I so dearly love... Granted. Eggs in the morning are the best thing ever. And hot chocolate... with real milk. Not the silly almond stuff... *sigh* I am just happy can you tell?

Love Sister Martineau

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