Monday, November 17, 2014


I looked out the window and what did I see
Little snow flurries going through the trees
The winter has brought me such a bad surprise
Cause missionaries can't stay inside.
Wish I could be warm and read a book
But the work is fun and really cold
Wish it wasn't so
But it's really cold
Little snow flurries going through the trees

Yup folks, it's true. It's snowing but Guess what! It just makes it super pretty outside! Oh you want proof of it? Here's some proof.

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The birds are having a hay day and I had lots of fun trying to get pictures of them. This is the only one that turned out good... But that's alright. 

This was the picture I took yesterday... So stark difference right? I just love how it looks all warm and fuzzy outside when it was really just 24-36 degrees outside... Yeah we're freezing over here in Ohio. I kinda envy those missions that are warm all year around. But at the same time. They probably don't have as awesome people/missionaries/mission presidents/mission Yeah... I am a little biased. 

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Alright Yall, I hope you have a good week because you deserve one! Everything here is going great! Despite  what my e-mails say I am working hard and we're hopping to two investigators will want to be baptized soon! I'm super happy that more people are finding the happiness that the gospel brings people. 

Sister Martineau

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