Monday, September 29, 2014

What a week!

Oh heavens... sometimes I wish that I could just smack people over the head or shake them and tell them that what they're feeling is true! We have the restored gospel, one passage that you just found in the bible can't disprove the Book of Mormon. Sorry... it's stood for 200+ yearsish and can't be disprove. You and all your bible study isn't going to do it either. Oh and Sorry, But the difference between you and me is you think you're right and I know I am. Because I have received this divine witness I am putting me ENTIRE life on hold for 18 months to bring this message to you. So just listen. Okay?
Missionary Extension Cord
Marriage advice from Members
Alcohol isn't an appropriate Missionary beverage
"We're going to church!"
So when you're out of option and REALLY need to show your less active member you improvise. Sister R. and I wanted to watch Finding Faith in Christ with our less active neighbor and her dvd player didn't work. But that was just fine because we had brought our little portable one! But then she didn't have an outlet anywhere near her table so we had a problem. Then we remembered that we had a string of Christmas lights. Yes, your suspicions are correct. We use the string of Christmas lights as an extension cord. And it's worked so well we've been using it in our apartment!
One day, while we were out to dinner/teaching with members we all A LOT of marriage advice. But I only remember at little bit. This is what I remember. 
We must only marry those we Trust, Respect, and Admire. The trust and respect need to be earned and you need to find what you admire in them every day. AND if you, even for one second, even 10 minutes before you get married feel like you shouldn't get married, DON'T. I really liked it :D
We were helping clean a member's home so they could move in and the owner asked us what we'd like to drink. "You can have anything you want... except that. That's not missionary appropriate." He was referring to Alcohol (in case you didn't catch it) and I just about fell onto the floor laughing. Good think I was already sitting down.
We did service for a Member, Sister Wong, and pulled leaves off of her barn! It was so much fun. When they wouldn't come down we swung on them until they broke. The other sisters say that I got the highest but it's only because I brought my knees up real high.

​But besides all of that fun, I think the best part of this week was pulling up to our investigator's house 30 minutes before church and she's waiting outside for us. Her name is Myeisha, she's 10 years old, and loved church! I'm super excited that it worked out so she could come!
Alright all, time to get serious. Yes you can write me. Yes you can send me pictures (in fact please do!) And yes I love to hear from EVERYONE. Alright now that we've got all that cleared up
Sister Martineau

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Just keep swimming

Blech... And thus started the time of knee pain, wrists freaking out, persisting migraines, and a companion that's constantly worried that you're mad at her. But really, it's not all that bad. Just the normal stuff that I'm use to. Nothing I can't handle :D We've got a supper supportive Mission President's Wife who's taking steps for me to be taken care of. As for the work, we keep plugging on. We don't have a teaching pool, we find about 5 people to teach every week and we walk everywhere to feel productive so it all works out!

Crunchy Leaves!
My name is Kaitlyn... er... Sister Martineau

A less active that we've been working with who has been hording for four ish years is finally having a yard sale! We've been helping her clear out her house, organize, and work at the yard sale. I think my favorite part of it all is that I get to wear PANTS!!! I can't tell you how good it feels to wear pants. I think it's something I definitely took for granted before my mission.

The leaves are starting to turn colors... which means leaves are falling... which means there are leaves on the ground... which means that there are crunchy leaves to jump on! I guess when we can't find anything good in our lives, we start to look for the simple things. And right now, crunchy leaves is a simple thing. It's the simple things that make us all happy, bring us joy and make us smile. Others might not see the point in finding joy in the simple things, but when you have a naturally pessimistic personality, finding joy is all that makes you happy.

During planning one day Sister Ryan and I decided to call everyone we didn't know in our phone. I was leaving a voicemail saying, "Hello, this is Kailt- I mean Sister Martineau from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints..." And it just want down hill from there. Oh heavens Sister Ryan was dying on the other side of the room and I hung up and joined her. It was a good laugh for the rest of the day.

A less active invited us over for smores! I loved it! He had his former home teacher over with all the kids and we talked, made smores and everyone chatted about the BYU game. (it all went over my head) But it was lots of fun. I wish we had more activities like that... But what can you do?

Sorry this week it's a little short... I guess I don't have all that much to say. But here's some pictures to brighten your day!

Love, Sister Martineau

Monday, September 15, 2014

Same old, same old

I'm not getting transferred this week! Woot woot. Granted, I shouldn't have been anyways. Being green and all. But I was half expecting it. It feels like I've been on my mission longer than a transfer but oh well. It's flown by as well. Good things to come for the rest of my 13 transfers! Super excited about all my little adventures.

Weirdest thing eaten on mission: Moon Cake
Red's Game!
Awkward Compliments: "You are really pretty" 
I Touched his hand....
Fairy tale moment!

Alright you all. If anyone from China says that they love Moon Cake, tell them it's an aquired taste and you'll pass. I can't even describe the taste. Pretty much I made the BIGGEST mistake and shoved the whole thing in my mouth. THEN I was SUPER happy that I had a full glass of water. Otherwise it wouldn't have gone down. AND I would have puked it up... with dinner... That would have been a rude missionary moment. 

The Red's Game was lots of fun! Can't send any pictures of me at the game cause those aren't allowed on social media. (they'll probably get posted on FB when I get home) But here's some pictures for Yall!

Sister Ryan and I were so excited that we were out talking to people and finding new people who were interested in the gospel. Then this weird boy appeared and just stared at us. Then he said "You guys are REALLY pretty." Sister Ryan and I smiled politely then booked it out of there.

Satan decided to poison the peanut-butter supply this week and half the zone fell ill with whatever bug is flying around the state. Sister Ryan fell ill for three days and we were stuck inside. It made me think, when I was back home, how come I didn't go this stir-crazy when I wasted a day inside? Well, that's because I had Facebook and Netflix. Yup... it's kinda hard to find things to do when all you have is Ensigns, scriptures, and notebooks. On the Up side, my wall is now all nice and pretty. And don't worry everyone, Sister Ryan is feeling lots better and planning on putting the elders in their place when we play dodge ball latter.

We found a New Investigator and asked if we could say a prayer with him and he was like "Of Course!" hand held out his hands for us to all join hands... Sister Ryan was between the two of us and had a member on the other side. So lucky me gets to hold a stranger's hand while we prayed. You know, not breaking mission rules or anything... Oh well We're passing him off to the Elders anyways so I don't have to worry!

The birds out here like to hide in bushes and they stick together in flocks of 20 or more. So when we were out walking one day I saw a few birds and was like, I bet they'll just stay in there. Oh boy was I wrong! All 20+ of them flew out of the bush before us like those fairy tale moments in movies when they're dramatically relieving something. I felt super special the rest of the day. Probably one of my favorite mission moments.

That's all for this week! Can't wait to see what happens next.
Sister Martineau

Monday, September 8, 2014

Good news all around!!

So guess what! We get to go to a Cincinnati Red's game tonight! Pictures to come next week! The whole mission is going and we're all really excited. Granted, logistics of getting 240 missionaries to down town Cincinnati is worse then transfer day. But it's all working out and we have the best mission president ever.
Sister Ryan: Quotes Oh my...
What I'm learning: How to be a mother
Best rule ever: Sisters ALWAYS win
What we want: THE BUNNY!
Mission life: Meh...
Sister Ryan is amazing at quoting things. She quotes things over and over and somehow it always pertains to what we're talking about. But sometimes not... Like when she's wearing her plaid skirt and yells "Feast yer eyes," as she re-enacts the scene. Yup. Best companion ever.

So in my six weeks on a mission I feel fairly prepared to be a mother. I think it helps that we have a less active that we visit that really isn't a good one. Her kids don't know how much she loves them because she always yells at them, she puts other things like cooking fresh (there are healthy ways to cook that's not 100% fresh) above having her home clean so the spirit can be there. ALSO, It's showing me the importance of having a husband/father to my kids.
This week at Zone Meeting we played Do You Love Your Neighbor. There was one rule, Sisters always win. I am a fan of that rule. Even though it's not really fair to the Elders. But hey, a mission is for teaching manners, and other things right?
After Zone meeting we tried to steal the Milford Elder's Bunny. He looks like Thumper. Sister Kiem managed to steal the bunny but just before they could drive away, she showed them and Elder Tanner jumped on the roof of their car. So Sister Ryan and I tried to help them, and Elder Tanner managed to slide of their car, and leap onto ours in one motion. (We were 1.5 stalls away). I was very impressed even though it dented our car :(. This continued until they got the bunny. This caused a war between Sister Kiem and the Milford Elders. Because she wanted to the bunny. So on Sunday, during Ward Council, we went to look for their car and IT WAS UNLOCKED! So Sister Kiem stole the bunny and took it home. I was hanging up on their chandelier until she bosted about having it. And this is what just took place. The Zone Leaders saw the pictures of the bunny in the Sister's apartment. And, seeing that the keys were out, stole the keys, took off in their car, and took the bunny back. Sister Keim sounded like she was in labor when we were driving over to their apartment to try and keep the bunny. And I was dying in the front seat. Yup. Our Zone pranks everyone but my companion and I. Apparently it's because I don't know how to have fun....
This week has been funny and hilarious all in one. Not so good on the actual missionary work side. Our investigators either don't want to talk to us anymore or aren't really progressing. We're also having a hard time finding new people to teach. So that part of life is hard. But I'm tying to keep a positive attitude because Sister Ryan has now decided that every time I'm negative or sarcastic in any way she's going to yell at me. One day everyone will thing we have the worst companionship ever. But it's really not. Unless I'm in a bad mood...
Love All yall!
Sister Martineau

PS. Answer to last week's question. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pre- Pre-Transfer Week

So this week I started a gratitude Journal. AND I'M SUPER HAPPY I DID! It's helping me keep track of what when on on each day. :D It's really helpful when you're a missionary and all your days blend together.
District Meeting - There's a reason why Elder's go out for two years
Mission Stories - Brother Banner
Why I don't want a big family - Church
Grateful for - My mother
What? - Turn here!
At district meeting last week we made crepes with another district after our meeting. And holy heavens, there's a reason why Elders go for two years. Elder Clare (my district leader) ate  a sick of butter on a dare... And then Elder Clare, Elder Tanner (The other district leader), and Elder Seegmiller (Our zone leader) all attempted the egg drop challenge. I say attempted because no one actually was able to swallow the raw egg. I guess that's the reason why they did it around a garbage can. They also played milk pong... Some times I wonder. And then I remember all of my boys back home. Who are all older then me. And I question their maturity levels sometimes. I guess it's a part of being male.
We were invited over to the Banner's house for dinner last week as well. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We were told the funny stories... Like his companion getting so mad at an investigator that when they left his house he kicked the poor little thing across the street because it tried to bite his ankle. But then we also had an awesome experience where he told us that we should never give up. And shared stories to back it. I think Sister Ryan and I both needed it. We've been struggling the past little while.
I NEVER want to have more then 2 kids. 3 if my husband REALLY insists. Reason number 1: I don't think my poor nerves could handle it. AND I DON"T want to be a Mrs. Bennet to my kids. Reason number 2: I don't love ANYONE enough to be sandwiched into a bench with little elbow room. ESPECIALLY a flirty investigator. Yeah. Not doing that again. With anyone. EVER.
I am super grateful this week for my mother. Yup I said it. Brown nosing it, as Sister Ryan would say. But it's true. I'm glad my mom taught me how to clean so our house wouldn't look like a farret whole and I would be set up for success. Growing up we were able to have the spirit in our home because we learned how to work together and be awesome. That's right, the Martineau's are awesome. We might not have always gotten along (at least Wells and I didn't) or been the neatest. But at least I learned responsibility. And I'm greatful for that.
On our way to the liabrary today we got lost. Traveling on the eastern road system without a GPS does two things. 1: Gets you lost a lot. 2: Gets you to learn your area REALLY well. And when we were guessing how to get her, Sister Tracey (another Missionary in the ward) shouted at Sister Ryan who was driving, "Turn here!" and when we get off the road she adds. "That's a wrong turn! How do we get back?" I was dying of laughter and so was her companion Sister Kiem. Well, good news is we got here right?
That's all folks!
Sister Martineau, (Or Sister M and I'm starting to be called)

PS. How many missionaries does it take to change the oil.