Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pre- Pre-Transfer Week

So this week I started a gratitude Journal. AND I'M SUPER HAPPY I DID! It's helping me keep track of what when on on each day. :D It's really helpful when you're a missionary and all your days blend together.
District Meeting - There's a reason why Elder's go out for two years
Mission Stories - Brother Banner
Why I don't want a big family - Church
Grateful for - My mother
What? - Turn here!
At district meeting last week we made crepes with another district after our meeting. And holy heavens, there's a reason why Elders go for two years. Elder Clare (my district leader) ate  a sick of butter on a dare... And then Elder Clare, Elder Tanner (The other district leader), and Elder Seegmiller (Our zone leader) all attempted the egg drop challenge. I say attempted because no one actually was able to swallow the raw egg. I guess that's the reason why they did it around a garbage can. They also played milk pong... Some times I wonder. And then I remember all of my boys back home. Who are all older then me. And I question their maturity levels sometimes. I guess it's a part of being male.
We were invited over to the Banner's house for dinner last week as well. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We were told the funny stories... Like his companion getting so mad at an investigator that when they left his house he kicked the poor little thing across the street because it tried to bite his ankle. But then we also had an awesome experience where he told us that we should never give up. And shared stories to back it. I think Sister Ryan and I both needed it. We've been struggling the past little while.
I NEVER want to have more then 2 kids. 3 if my husband REALLY insists. Reason number 1: I don't think my poor nerves could handle it. AND I DON"T want to be a Mrs. Bennet to my kids. Reason number 2: I don't love ANYONE enough to be sandwiched into a bench with little elbow room. ESPECIALLY a flirty investigator. Yeah. Not doing that again. With anyone. EVER.
I am super grateful this week for my mother. Yup I said it. Brown nosing it, as Sister Ryan would say. But it's true. I'm glad my mom taught me how to clean so our house wouldn't look like a farret whole and I would be set up for success. Growing up we were able to have the spirit in our home because we learned how to work together and be awesome. That's right, the Martineau's are awesome. We might not have always gotten along (at least Wells and I didn't) or been the neatest. But at least I learned responsibility. And I'm greatful for that.
On our way to the liabrary today we got lost. Traveling on the eastern road system without a GPS does two things. 1: Gets you lost a lot. 2: Gets you to learn your area REALLY well. And when we were guessing how to get her, Sister Tracey (another Missionary in the ward) shouted at Sister Ryan who was driving, "Turn here!" and when we get off the road she adds. "That's a wrong turn! How do we get back?" I was dying of laughter and so was her companion Sister Kiem. Well, good news is we got here right?
That's all folks!
Sister Martineau, (Or Sister M and I'm starting to be called)

PS. How many missionaries does it take to change the oil. 

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