Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another Week!

This week has been short. Yeah the days are long but I'm surprised it's preparation day again! Literately!
Sight seeing: Old Cemetery 
Event: Sister Ryan's Birthday!
What to do: When stuck behind a train just turn off your car, and roll down the windows.
Sister Ryan and I stop at little old cemeteries throughout the week the remind me of the ones we saw in Ireland. There is moldy mildew on the white stones and you can't even read them. It's pretty much amazing
Sister Ryan's birthday was on saturday and we got fed... ALL WEEKEND. It was amazing and I think I gained 10 pounds. A couple, the Alexanders, in Her last area came and took us to dinner. I really shouldn't have eaten as much as I did but it was so good. Also, Sister Alexander taught us how to make chickens out of our napkins. It was lots of fun.
Alright Everyone, when you're out east, and get stuck behind a train. (It'll happen about twice a week). Just turn off your car and roll down the windows. It's not worth wasting the gas when you have about 102 train cars to go.

Napkin Turkey 

Not missionary appropriate...

The long train

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