Monday, August 18, 2014

Week Two..or is it Three?

This week has been lots of fun. We were able to go out a lot, met lots of different people, got fed lots... like two meals a day sometime. (Not recomended diet for a missionary)

Random Experience: Headless Motorcycle Man
Bad Lesson: Ty
Miracles: Mcgerry and Courtney
Comments: "Go away I'm aggravated!"

So last night we were driving home and we turn the last corner into our apartment and there's a motorcyclist half way in the road with a crossing guard vest on! The first thing out my mouth was, "That's a motorcycle!" And then I realized, the person on the motorcycle didn't have a head. And then I realize he didn't have any legs either... Turns out it was just pillows (or something we didn't get a close look) strapped to the seat of a motorcycle to make people think someone was there.... And thus, we now have the Headless Motorcycle Man.

Sister Ryan had been talking about the investigator Ty for a long time. (Since I'd gotten there.) And we finally went to visit him this week. He was high and we told him if he wasn't able to keep commitments and get over addictions, we couldn't keep coming back. Yup, we probably won't be going back there any time soon...

We had two miracles this week. we met Mcgerry who had been wanting a change in his life for a while now and when we asked him to come to church he did... Didn't even teach the first lesson. Sister Ryan and I felt awesome :D
Courtney is a Member's friend. Before meeting with us, she was given and overview of the lessons, read the first book of Nephi, and already has a strong belief in Christ. She's all but a dry Mormon.

We dropped by an investigators house to see if we could teach them the plan of salvation. His wife answered the door and we hear from behind her, "Send them away, I'm aggravated!" Needless to say, we didn't see him this week...

Love Sister Martineau

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