Monday, August 11, 2014

In the Mission Field

This week has been interesting and I'm being very entertained by all the elders talking about what their families are saying right now. apparently none of them are trunky but all of their families are.
Companion: Sister Ryan!!! :) :D :)
Address: 10857 Sharondale Rd. #38
               Cincinnati OH 45241
Awesome Person: Sister Davit
Sad Story: Allyson
New best friend: Elder Frog.
Treat Stop: The Rootbeer stand, and UDF!

Sister Ryan is amazing! We're both blold/blunt and literately think the same thing at the same time. We're a power house when it comes to sharing the gospel and finding people. PLUS I think I have another person that's going to play SCA when I get back :D she's always wanted to be apart of our little world and just hasn't found it until half way through her mission.

I'm in Montgomery Ohio. It's one of the suburbs outside of Cincinnati. Apparently it has a reputation for hanging onto missionaries. The Sister that I replaced was here for 9 months O.o that's half a mission. Right now that seems like a long time. But it's not. It's just until like... April, or Mama's birthday.... That's not too far away, right?
Sister Davit is amazing. She's the reason why we have 4 new investigators. Just like the force is strong with Anikin, the spirit is strong with Sister Davit. Somehow she knows how to get people church and talk to them about the gospel. I want to be a missionary like Sister Davit. But first I need to get out of my head.
Allyson is a recent convert. She's had a rough life but what makes me sad is the face that she's so focused inwards that she doesn't look outwards. Everything is a pitty party in her mind and she doesn't see how it's affecting her children. Yeah. I left her house a little depressed last night.
And on a happy note, Elder Frog is my new best friend. And he's pretty much amazing.

The Rootbeer stand reminds me of the malt shop in Manti. Only they don't offer shakes. Just Rootbeer floats with homemade Rootbeer. It's pretty much amazing. OH and if you're ever at a Unified Dairy Farmer's Gas station it's well worth your time to walk inside and get yourself some AMAZING ice cream. Seriously. it's the best.
And that's all folks!
Love Sister Martineau

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