Sunday, August 3, 2014

Second Week

Super excited about surviving! I wish things weren't so hard. but when you're away from all of your distractions and have to face your problems, well, that's when you have your true test of endurance.

Break down yet? Yes
Having fun yet? Yes
Learning lots? Yes
Want to stay at the MTC forever? NO!

I had a major break down on monday night. But you know, lots of good came from it. We all were able to talk about our Ish and are closer now. PS I wasn't the only one who broke down. And I think in the MTC they should put Sister Martineau (Handle with care) under all of our name tags. Cause girls are just more emotional and stuffs.

I am having lots of fun Sister C found bubbles and Sister Sandys and I sang a song together really off key. I just really wish I could wear pants... I think that's going to be one of my biggest struggles. But I put my jeans on before we came and got super happy... like my awkward bouncy, squeely happy. You guys know what I mean. If not, maybe we should get to know each other more...

I'm learning lots but I'm also learning that I don't know anything. But BREAKTHROUGH I don't have to know everything... Yeah kinda backwards thinking but let me explain. I don't have to know everything I just have to do my best, read, ponder, pray (all that good stuff) and listen to the investigator AND the Spirit. Yup simple as that. PS reading the scriptures to them is the best way to teach them.

I think this song explains my feelings about the MTC.
To the tune of "Do you want to build a Snowman"
I think I'm going crazy
Or maybe just insane
There was a time
When I was fine
Before the MTC
I use to feel so free
But now I'm not
I think I'm going crazy
Now Good bye

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