Monday, September 29, 2014

What a week!

Oh heavens... sometimes I wish that I could just smack people over the head or shake them and tell them that what they're feeling is true! We have the restored gospel, one passage that you just found in the bible can't disprove the Book of Mormon. Sorry... it's stood for 200+ yearsish and can't be disprove. You and all your bible study isn't going to do it either. Oh and Sorry, But the difference between you and me is you think you're right and I know I am. Because I have received this divine witness I am putting me ENTIRE life on hold for 18 months to bring this message to you. So just listen. Okay?
Missionary Extension Cord
Marriage advice from Members
Alcohol isn't an appropriate Missionary beverage
"We're going to church!"
So when you're out of option and REALLY need to show your less active member you improvise. Sister R. and I wanted to watch Finding Faith in Christ with our less active neighbor and her dvd player didn't work. But that was just fine because we had brought our little portable one! But then she didn't have an outlet anywhere near her table so we had a problem. Then we remembered that we had a string of Christmas lights. Yes, your suspicions are correct. We use the string of Christmas lights as an extension cord. And it's worked so well we've been using it in our apartment!
One day, while we were out to dinner/teaching with members we all A LOT of marriage advice. But I only remember at little bit. This is what I remember. 
We must only marry those we Trust, Respect, and Admire. The trust and respect need to be earned and you need to find what you admire in them every day. AND if you, even for one second, even 10 minutes before you get married feel like you shouldn't get married, DON'T. I really liked it :D
We were helping clean a member's home so they could move in and the owner asked us what we'd like to drink. "You can have anything you want... except that. That's not missionary appropriate." He was referring to Alcohol (in case you didn't catch it) and I just about fell onto the floor laughing. Good think I was already sitting down.
We did service for a Member, Sister Wong, and pulled leaves off of her barn! It was so much fun. When they wouldn't come down we swung on them until they broke. The other sisters say that I got the highest but it's only because I brought my knees up real high.

​But besides all of that fun, I think the best part of this week was pulling up to our investigator's house 30 minutes before church and she's waiting outside for us. Her name is Myeisha, she's 10 years old, and loved church! I'm super excited that it worked out so she could come!
Alright all, time to get serious. Yes you can write me. Yes you can send me pictures (in fact please do!) And yes I love to hear from EVERYONE. Alright now that we've got all that cleared up
Sister Martineau

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