Monday, September 15, 2014

Same old, same old

I'm not getting transferred this week! Woot woot. Granted, I shouldn't have been anyways. Being green and all. But I was half expecting it. It feels like I've been on my mission longer than a transfer but oh well. It's flown by as well. Good things to come for the rest of my 13 transfers! Super excited about all my little adventures.

Weirdest thing eaten on mission: Moon Cake
Red's Game!
Awkward Compliments: "You are really pretty" 
I Touched his hand....
Fairy tale moment!

Alright you all. If anyone from China says that they love Moon Cake, tell them it's an aquired taste and you'll pass. I can't even describe the taste. Pretty much I made the BIGGEST mistake and shoved the whole thing in my mouth. THEN I was SUPER happy that I had a full glass of water. Otherwise it wouldn't have gone down. AND I would have puked it up... with dinner... That would have been a rude missionary moment. 

The Red's Game was lots of fun! Can't send any pictures of me at the game cause those aren't allowed on social media. (they'll probably get posted on FB when I get home) But here's some pictures for Yall!

Sister Ryan and I were so excited that we were out talking to people and finding new people who were interested in the gospel. Then this weird boy appeared and just stared at us. Then he said "You guys are REALLY pretty." Sister Ryan and I smiled politely then booked it out of there.

Satan decided to poison the peanut-butter supply this week and half the zone fell ill with whatever bug is flying around the state. Sister Ryan fell ill for three days and we were stuck inside. It made me think, when I was back home, how come I didn't go this stir-crazy when I wasted a day inside? Well, that's because I had Facebook and Netflix. Yup... it's kinda hard to find things to do when all you have is Ensigns, scriptures, and notebooks. On the Up side, my wall is now all nice and pretty. And don't worry everyone, Sister Ryan is feeling lots better and planning on putting the elders in their place when we play dodge ball latter.

We found a New Investigator and asked if we could say a prayer with him and he was like "Of Course!" hand held out his hands for us to all join hands... Sister Ryan was between the two of us and had a member on the other side. So lucky me gets to hold a stranger's hand while we prayed. You know, not breaking mission rules or anything... Oh well We're passing him off to the Elders anyways so I don't have to worry!

The birds out here like to hide in bushes and they stick together in flocks of 20 or more. So when we were out walking one day I saw a few birds and was like, I bet they'll just stay in there. Oh boy was I wrong! All 20+ of them flew out of the bush before us like those fairy tale moments in movies when they're dramatically relieving something. I felt super special the rest of the day. Probably one of my favorite mission moments.

That's all for this week! Can't wait to see what happens next.
Sister Martineau

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