Monday, September 8, 2014

Good news all around!!

So guess what! We get to go to a Cincinnati Red's game tonight! Pictures to come next week! The whole mission is going and we're all really excited. Granted, logistics of getting 240 missionaries to down town Cincinnati is worse then transfer day. But it's all working out and we have the best mission president ever.
Sister Ryan: Quotes Oh my...
What I'm learning: How to be a mother
Best rule ever: Sisters ALWAYS win
What we want: THE BUNNY!
Mission life: Meh...
Sister Ryan is amazing at quoting things. She quotes things over and over and somehow it always pertains to what we're talking about. But sometimes not... Like when she's wearing her plaid skirt and yells "Feast yer eyes," as she re-enacts the scene. Yup. Best companion ever.

So in my six weeks on a mission I feel fairly prepared to be a mother. I think it helps that we have a less active that we visit that really isn't a good one. Her kids don't know how much she loves them because she always yells at them, she puts other things like cooking fresh (there are healthy ways to cook that's not 100% fresh) above having her home clean so the spirit can be there. ALSO, It's showing me the importance of having a husband/father to my kids.
This week at Zone Meeting we played Do You Love Your Neighbor. There was one rule, Sisters always win. I am a fan of that rule. Even though it's not really fair to the Elders. But hey, a mission is for teaching manners, and other things right?
After Zone meeting we tried to steal the Milford Elder's Bunny. He looks like Thumper. Sister Kiem managed to steal the bunny but just before they could drive away, she showed them and Elder Tanner jumped on the roof of their car. So Sister Ryan and I tried to help them, and Elder Tanner managed to slide of their car, and leap onto ours in one motion. (We were 1.5 stalls away). I was very impressed even though it dented our car :(. This continued until they got the bunny. This caused a war between Sister Kiem and the Milford Elders. Because she wanted to the bunny. So on Sunday, during Ward Council, we went to look for their car and IT WAS UNLOCKED! So Sister Kiem stole the bunny and took it home. I was hanging up on their chandelier until she bosted about having it. And this is what just took place. The Zone Leaders saw the pictures of the bunny in the Sister's apartment. And, seeing that the keys were out, stole the keys, took off in their car, and took the bunny back. Sister Keim sounded like she was in labor when we were driving over to their apartment to try and keep the bunny. And I was dying in the front seat. Yup. Our Zone pranks everyone but my companion and I. Apparently it's because I don't know how to have fun....
This week has been funny and hilarious all in one. Not so good on the actual missionary work side. Our investigators either don't want to talk to us anymore or aren't really progressing. We're also having a hard time finding new people to teach. So that part of life is hard. But I'm tying to keep a positive attitude because Sister Ryan has now decided that every time I'm negative or sarcastic in any way she's going to yell at me. One day everyone will thing we have the worst companionship ever. But it's really not. Unless I'm in a bad mood...
Love All yall!
Sister Martineau

PS. Answer to last week's question. 

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