Monday, December 15, 2014

Made it!!

So you know when you have a ward right next door to your? Yeah...the Westchester and Montgomery wards are neighbors. Our boundary line is one that I used to drive all the time! Not too far away from home I guess.

My address
The Work
Mission Recipe

First things first!! If you didn't know by my last email I got transferred. And with the holiday season coming up I would hate for packages to go to a missionary apartment that no longer exists!

My Addy 5641 Sterling Lakes Cr #103
                 Mason OH 45040

My new Companioni is Sister Ashcraft. And I'm "killing her off" too! Yup. This is her last transfer. She's handling it a bit differently than Sister Smith. But that's okay. Everyone is different right? We're getting along really well. And I'm learning a lot about patience.

The work here is different. There isn't a lot of investigators. Actually, we only have 2. All the less actives either don't want to see us or are starting to come back to the church and the member LOVE us. COMPLETELY different from Montgomery. But it's a good different. You know how good it feels when you don't have a place to go and It's 8:00 at night and all you want to do is go home. Well, the member love it when we stop in! NO MORE PRAYING FOR HOLY HALF MIRACLES!

Part of our area is corn fields and cattle farms...the other part is fancy 3000 sqft homes...Quite the contrast if you ask me.

Also sleep. Sleep is really important and right now my body just wants more and more of it. It's like a little kid and candy. Only not quite as tameable. Oh well. I'm going to be blessed for the work I'm doing right?

I can officially say that I have a recipe from my mission. A member gave us a recipe for eggs on toast. Pretty much amazing. Not something I'll have every day, and not something to be had with orange juice, but it's yummy.

Sister Martineau

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