Monday, December 1, 2014

Turkey Week!!

Whoa what a week! it was lots of funs! We got fed at Sister Wernke's house. She's pretty much amazing and has a family just about as crazy as the Martineau's...I didn't know that was possible. But it was lots of fun!

Anyways, are you ready all? Here's my picture filled email!

Jesus Loves You!
Thrifting Adventure
Sketchy Chinese
Skyline Chili!
Drive Through Investigator Finding!

When we were on our way into a thrift store we found this...

And when four Sister Missionaries sees something awesome, we can't help but take a selfie.
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And we all know that when you go thrifting you find something AMAZING. This time we found a kilt.

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And Sister Abrams lost 30 pounds on the Missionary Diet!
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We also found a hole in the wall Chinese Place called Little Shanghai. It was good and none of us got sick because Sister Abrams asked for us not to get sick from it in the blessing.

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And I had Skyline for the first time! IT was REALLY good. Sorry Cincinnati's stereotype of westerner's...I like Skyline.
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We were going to a less when it feel through our member Sister decided that we couldn't go into the liquor store, but she could. And since she was our ride...we we were along for the ride.

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I hope all of you has some fun as a week as I did! If not you should try harder. Fun is out there it's time to start having some.

Love Sister Martineau!

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