Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Building Zion

Alright everyone I have something that I ablosutly just have to say. It's not that I love all of you, even though it's true. It's not that I'm homesick even though I am. It's not that trials are hard because they just are. It's about this myth that we are not worthy to do anything. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! The only thing you have to fear is the judgement seat so don't be affraid to talk to people and stick up for yourself. God will bless you for it. Eternal Salvation is NEVER too small of a reward to live a life that'll get you there. WE ARE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF A LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER for crying out loud. It's time we start realizeing our devine potential and living the life he intended us to live.
Some of you reading this may be going "Sister Martineau, you're beeing a little blunt." But only bluntness can inforce this point. When we realize our devine potential, that we are made to become like Him, is when we start to live as He lived, walk as He walked, and say what He would have us say.
Ways that we can do this is... PRIMARY ANSWERS! Read your scriptures, pray morning and night, fast regularly. Alma 17:3 promises us that when we do these things we will have the spirit with us. We will be able to open our mouths and proclaim the gospel to those we come in contact with. It doesn't matter if they're a member of our church or not. Sometimes we forget in our excitment for missionary work that EVERYONE need to increase their faith. When we forget to build up those in the church we forget that we need to build Zion.
*End Rant*
The Noisy Cricket
We can't get out?
Drag race?
Sister's conference
At our Zone Meeting (kinda like a kingdom event in the SCA) there was a cricket that got into the baptizimal font. And since we meet in the same room and the font and it echos it was REALLY distracting. So Elder Barnett (Zone leader) goes into the font, with the acordian doors covering it still closed, and attemtps to find it. We heard stomping, screaming, smacking and all sorts of noises and then he comes out with a disspaointed look. "I didn't find it."
We went out to visit less actives with Sister Rollins (Relief Society President) and we all opened the doors, then decided to say a prayer. So we closed them and said our prayer to help us have the spirit with us. Well, what we didn't know/realize is that Sister Rollins had locked the doors with her key fob so when we opened the doors again the car alarm went of in and ALREADY sketch neighborhood. It took us about 3 minutes to figure out how to turn it off and I was rolling with laughter by the end of it.
So... sad news. I gots the poisen Ivy. Yup the huge red, boily sores all over my arms and leg. It itches, it stings, and spreads. BUT there's good news from this all! My prayer was anwered and I've gotten some AMAZING medicin/soap/whatever that's getting rid of it. IT HASN'T ITCHED AT ALL TODAY! And Sis R says it's getting better. SO THAT'S GOOD NEWS! And you know, I was given this trial because I needed to be humbled. And it worked. So that's all for my afliction.
So um... Yeah. We were at a red lights and the other sisters in the ward were right beside us. Windows rolled down, taunts thrown out, light turned green. Needless to say Sis R was driving and she LOVES that our car has Turbo... It was fun. I just get really carsick in the car sometimes.
We had a Sister's Confernece yesterday where we learned about our divine roll as women. We also learned about the presidence in the creation. (Whatever was created last is over what presided it.) It was amazing. I highly suggest everyone suddies the creation/goes to the temple. A LOT. At least every day. There's so much you can learn and yesterday I realized that I know nothing. PS, how can you believe in the bible, which clearly states that animals and man were created on different days, and believe that humans came from apes?
This week has been amazing. Sis R says she's seen a 100% difference in me from when I came out. Well, I'm not surpised. I was trapped in the cage of bitterness and pitty when I came out. But now I feel like I can fly. Well... I feel like I should be able to fly but my wings are clipped or something. I'm still working out what's keeping me out of the air but I know that as I serve dilligently and have meaningful studdies and prayers I will fly. My mission is the time when I get to walk with God and do my part in the hastening to further His work. And I challange all of you to find what your part of the hastening is. I know that when you do this you will find increased faith, hope and joy. You will see your families become closer together, and as one, we can march on untied with His banner flying high.
Love, Sister Martineau

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