Monday, February 16, 2015

Hey it's cold outside!

So everyone is telling us that we're crazy for driving around today! And guess what, we kinda are. But for Utah Natives, it's not big deal. You know, we've only swiveled twice and feared for our lives once. But hey, we're going slow, and driving as safe as we can! I hope everyone back home is enjoying their nice weather, fighting outside, going for long walks, and enjoying the sun!

Will it fit?
President Porter Quote
Freedom Center

So we had a bag of garbage in the car that we were trying to throw away. The only garbage can we could find was one of those small ones outside stores/places of business where it's really only meant to throw cigarette buds and empty fast food cups. Not a grocery bag full of paper/random things I find and pick up. So long story short, Sis C was rolling on the ground laughing because I couldn't figure out a way to toss the silly thing. Eventually I got smart, lifted off the top, and set it in.

President Porter shared a quote this week. He said, "Marriage is a head long collision between two dis-functional families." It made me laugh. One day I'll have to worry more about it but for right now, I just have to learn how to get along with companions. :D

Here in Cincinnati we have a Freedom Center. It's all about the Underground Railroad and how devastating it was. I think I would have loved to go there on a normal, non missionary vacation. But as a Missionary it was dark. I liked it, don't get me wrong but it had a dark serious tone to it. It's something I'm not used to. But if anyone comes to Ohio, I strongly recommend it. Just make sure, if you take children, that they'll be old enough to understand it.

As for our goals this week, we're behind. But that alright. It's only 6 lessons and we can make that up easy. I'm a day behind on my Book of Mormon reading so I can finish it this transfer but that's what Preparation day is for right? We're going to do great and see lots of grace this week I just know it.

I hope everything is going great with everyone else! When you think your life is challenging just think of two sister missionaries in the cold with 5 layers on :D. That should cheer you up!

~Sister Martineau

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