Monday, April 20, 2015


So, lots of big changes in the life of Sister Martineau! I am in Springboro Ohio! (for reference as far as a map goes, it's the ward kitty-corner to Westchester. Specifically the Mason side where I was just serving.) So again, I didn't get moved very fat buy hey, I'm in a different stake!! AND I'm in the trio with the Sister Training Leaders! No, I don't have a fancy title, just all the work. I'm learning that it's really nice to be able to do all the things that I took for full studies, 45 minutes of time, etc. It seems we're so busy that we only get a third of what we need to done. Maybe that's why there are three of us! Haha, we really have no idea and have been speculating ALL week! (kinda fun right?)

My new address
137 South Main Street
Springboro, OH 45066

So my companions are Sister Nash and Sister Kruger! Both been out over a year, from California and Sister Training Leaders (they're kinda like a zone leader for Sisters, or a Baroness for the Zone if you want to go that far...) I've been figured out the details of missionary work and how it's all getting along. AKA how to keep 16 young adults sane, happy, obedient and trusting with the Lord. Yup, it's a handful. But it's been a lot of fun! Getting to know tow is a little bit harder than one but oh well.

The three of us toasting (with sparkling cider) to a good day accomplished.
Left to right: Sis N, Sis K, and me!

Our apartment is tiny. Every time the members find out there are three of us, they ask if we all fit. The answer is barely. But it's really cut. We have a few pet mice, beautiful view of downtown Springboro, and one tiny bedroom with a washer and dryer in it! How fun! (sarcasm included).

Overall it's been an exciting week. Strange to be in a place where I don't know anything. But hey, it's my new adventure! And what fun is life if you can't be a little awkward?

Speaking of Awkward. That's our Trioship goal! Fun right? Being a little bit awkward qualifies you for grace, or so the zone leaders say. So that's what we're trying to do...And we got a pretty cool story.

It was 8:50 at night and raining. We wanted to get one more friend to be able to teach and no one was out because it was raining. Exasperated Sis N exclaimed at the heavens, "What do you want us to do? Walk?" Just then a pizza man rolls by in his large vehicle. I look at my companions and smile. "He's delivering us a friend!" So we take off down the street after this car, not knowing where he was going to stop. Luckily it was only five houses down. But by the time we got there he had already delivered, got back in his car and backed up! All hope was lost! No new friends, 8:58 at night, time to go back to the car to get home on time.

"We've got to do this!" Sis K said drawing me away from my depression. I see my fearless companion walk out in the street with her finger held up stopping the pizza guy. He was pretty cool, and interested in learning more! We got a new friend. In the middle of the street, in the rain. Awkward stories aren't really all that bad. They just make something for posterity to laugh at later...

Hope you all are enjoying your adventures as much as I am enjoying mine!

~Sister Martineau

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