Monday, July 13, 2015

The Transfer... and the Emergency Transfer

So transfers, I was told I was going to Cincinnati with Sister Neilson and Sister Cleveland. TRIO! EXCITING! YAY! I was happy to get to work. And I survived my first trio I could handle another! We got to Cincinnati, I unpacked my clothes and my desk, and went to work and I was super excited to help motivate the ward to be better missionaries. I've done that  before too, I could totally do it again! But then, 24 hours after transfers President Porter called and said he made a mistake, I was needed elsewhere. So I packed in 45 minutes, Sister Cleveland made some lunch, we ate, and we lft. An hour later I was loading my things into a different car said goodbye to my previously assigned companions and said hello to Sister Lagitao and Sister Low in the Office.

That's right everyone! I'm in office sister! So my new address is the mission office address.
PO Box 11971
Cincinnati, OH 45211
I'm excited to be here. Sister Low says that this ward is my kind of people and I would agree. EVERYONE is into Renaissance/Doctor Who/Sewing/Essential Oils (or some combination of those things). Seriously...I haven't left a home yet where I don't feel adopted. It's great. I love it here. and I'm praying it is not just a one transfer thing. Granted, office sisters tend to stick around a while. So I shouldn't be worried....Right?

There are also a lot of stone churches EVERYWHERE. It makes me really happy. I TOTALLY plan on coming back here with a tripod, my dresses, and just spending a day taking EPIC pictures. All SCAdians back home will be jealous.

I did forget my camera again today. But I'll email pictures I promise!

~ Sister Martineau

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