Monday, May 18, 2015

Another Day in the Life

I'm discovering the art of letter writing and finding out that it's much more enjoyable than actually e-mailing. That's right, this mission has made a letter writer out of me! But I guess if everyone knows me, like they should, then they'd probably guess that...Most of you probably aren't as surprised by the fact as I am...Anyways, for those who's addressed I have you might be getting a letter. Or if you want a letter you can send me one/give your addy to Mamma. :D It'll all work out.

This week has been interesting. I'm starting to see missionary work as this epic tale of light and darkness swirling around each other. Neither side is winning because w all shift in and out of th elight but one things is for sure, words like me and mine  b ring you into the darkness. And words like we and US case it away. I've noticed that in my own life as a missionary too. When we get selfish and forget that the whole purpose of this life is to turn the M in me upside down and turn n it into a We everything goes to the pits. And we also need to remember that it takes a lot of time, love, and patience to turn the M upside down.

Anyways, if I was writing this book it would be very interesting because of all the gospel details that would go into it. AND those not of our faith would agree with all of it because they know it's true in their hearts but stubbornly cling to the traditions of their fathers. *sigh* Apostatized Christianity is probably one of the most frustrating things in the world.

But I do have something good to say about it all. You know you're fulfilling your purpose as a missionary when people, who haven't read the book, quote the Book of Mormon. Particularly 2 Nephi 29. Those are always my favorite quotes and if I was blunt enough to point out they were fulfilling prophecy then I might become hated among all Ohioans...And that doesn't fulfill my purpose...

Anyways, today we decided that we need to have an adventure on our Preparation Day. So we went and shopped the clearance racks at Khols. And this what we found...

Like I said it was an adventure! We had fun and realized that Style was.. *disappointed head shake* I am coming to believe that one day there will be nothing on the market for us modest types and we will be forced to make our own clothing. The rising generation scares me. Also, the snip bits of the news I hear make me worried about the future that my children will grow up in. But I guess it's just a sign of the times. The work is hastening my friends and we will all play a part in it.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my e-mail this week :D It was considerably longer than last. AND contained a few of the radical ideas that I've been forming in my head. Hope everything goes well for Y'all!!

~Sister Martineau

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