Monday, June 29, 2015


You just can't tell me that things that are built after 1850 as those built before. Sorry. Not going to happen. That's my favorite thing about serving here in Ohio. Clock towers. Stain glass windows in old churches, brick sidewalks...yup. I might never live in the west again. It doesn't have as much character to it. Yes "Historic Downtown Logan" has some character in it. But that's one street. I'm talking towns here...

But on the other side, we have a lot of fields.

Bean fields, corn fields, flooded fields, you name it we got it. And it amazes me we drive through these part of our area how green they really are! Gah. Not a big fan of the rain but if it makes it this green I'll keep it. Mostly  it just reminds me of Ireland...Yup I could spend eternity out here in the land of green!

But Like I said, we've been getting a lot of rain. We went to a tractor show in this park not 3 weeks ago. Now it's the overflow for the river. I wanted to go play in it but there's some rule about missionaries not allowed to go swimming. And knowing my balance, that's probably what would have ended up happening. But we saw a lot of cool things from the edge of the pond. Like fish and skeeters and all those other fun things you expect to see when you go to a pond.

Those are our adventures! Hope you're having some great ones too!

~Sister Martineau

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