Monday, June 22, 2015


Holy Heavens the rain...It's insane. I thought we had crazy storms in Utah. Nope. They don't hold a candle to Ohio! It's been raining every day almost. Typically when one of us decides to walk because it doesn't look like it'll be too horribly bad. The Rain comes.

But you know... it all works out. We ring out our clothes, pull up our hair....

Dry out our planners. And get back to work. After all, we don't melt.

We've also been having lots of adventures this week! We've been going down old roads and places we've never been. We've found beautiful views, new friends, and had lots of fun!

I hope you're all having as great as week as we are! Love you all lots and hope you all have many adventures!

~Sister Martineau

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