Monday, January 19, 2015

Alive and well

Well this morning was eventful! Our car got totaled. But before you freak out let me tell you the deal! We were inside the Belnap's home (they let us study there and do laundy) and heard a crash. My first thought was, is our car getting towed? Nope, just totaled.

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So we don't have a car to drive right now...But hey, we have amazing members that can help us lots! I'm not worried. My new companion might be but I'm not.

This week is transfers and so I'm getting a new companion! Sister Ashcraft has been lots of fun. I learned how to be patient with everyone and the value of prayer. Seriously. If you are having a tough time getting along with anyone/thing/ANYTHING AT ALL pray about it. It'll help. I promise.

In other news. I'm becoming an animal lover, not that I wasn't before...But now it's like everyone's pets. I pick up and love on. Yup, it's lots of fun. This beautiful Kitty is Missy. Her brother is Tommie. And they are fun. Not quite as cuddly as I'd like them to be. But fun.

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This has been a fun week and I'm excited about this week. Lots of changes! I hope everyone back home is doing great and Hope you all are having a great new year!

Love Sister Martineau

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