Monday, March 30, 2015

Allergies (-.-)

Everyone says that Cincinnati Ohio is the place where EVERYONE has allergies. It doesn't matter if you had them before, never had them in your life, take lost of pills, hid inside your house with an air purifier...IT DOESN'T MATTER. Needless to say, this spring will be a trying one. But hey, I'm well equipped with what I need and it's not going to slow me down!

Look what we made in District Meeting! It was lots of fun. (Mine is the one with the skinny tie)

There not much to report besides that. We found an old school engine attached to the train this week. AND an oil tanker. But Sis A has the pictures. I'll try sending them later or next week.

Hope everyone 's having a great day/week/month/year! Enjoy Easter and send me lots of pictures of egg hunts and bunny ears. But not of kids getting sick on candy. That wouldn't be fun to see.

Love you ALL!!
~Sister Martineau

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