Monday, March 23, 2015

Well, I never expected that one

This week has been crazy but so much fun! Gah, I just love it! We got a third companion for the weekend. Sis W had to go home because of family matter but should be coming back tonight. So, the coveted Tripanionship has been accomplished. We even came up with names for all of us! Sister Abrams is Ave, I'm Marty, and Sister Jones (our temporary companion) is Jon. I'd say we're having too much fun but there such a thing?

There's not much to say beyond the work. But included are pictures of the fun weekend and our crazyness. Have fun!

This week I read my scriptures in a tree. It was a lot of fun until I slid out of it...don't worry I'm still walking, just a little scraped up.

I got some fun pictures of the trains again! :)

I really hope you're all having a fantastic week and can't wait to hear from everyone! Love you all! 

~Sister Martineau

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