Monday, March 9, 2015

It was fun while it lasted....not

MY KILLING STREAK IS OVER!! That's right I have the potential to stick with my companion for more than one transfer. THANKS HEAVENS! Sending companions home was difficult. And it only got worse the more I did it. All I can say is the Lord knows. I would have gone home with my companion if I was killing her off...But now I get to stay. :D And Sister Abrams is FANTASTIC!! We served in the same ward (not as companions) in Montgomery and am super excited to be her companion.

Max for a walk
Rocking horse

Max is Sister Potter's dog. I've loved him since I met him. And it's okay for me to love a dog on my mission. Lots more acceptable than loving boys. Anyways, we took him for a walk and got pictures. He's pretty much adorable. And is really good at tackling.

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This week we got to 31 lessons! and didn't even try! We don't have big lofty goals like we did last transfer as far as lessons, etc. but it's still fun to keep track.

We went to visit the Darlings and they had a rocking horse. I couldn't resist.

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I hope you're all having a great week! They say it's warming up and I've stopped wearing
my coat :D Super grateful for the warm weather coming up and hope you all enjoy it too!

~Sister Martineau

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