Sunday, March 8, 2015


First Item of business, I'm staying in Westchester. Everyone thinks I'm training....we'll get that call later. Honestly, I don't want to. Granted, I have been prepared for it if I have to. (Sending home three missionaries is NOT an easy task)

I'm just SUPER excited that I get to keep working with all these amazing people and continue to see miracles in an area where most struggle. (It's not the are, it's the attitude) There's so much going on and so much hope as well. Great things are happening out here and I'm excited to continue to see it through.

*sigh* This transfer has been hard. Probably one of the hardest on my mission thus far. But hey, we receive trials so we can learn and grow right? For how hard this transfer was I sure hope I got a lot of growth!

Things keep on rolling out herein the world of Missionary work! Some routine, same people, same things to study from...I've found I'm a big fan of the structure of Missionary work and part of the reason why it's been so hard for me is because we've been neglecting to follow the form. Oh well, things to remember and change next transfer right?

I hope everything is going great for y'all back home. I love to get your letters and hear your stories!

~Sister Martineau

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